Sierra Swag Origins

Born and Raised Sacramento Local

I'm orignally from Sac town and proud of it! I left the area in the early 2000's. After living in big urban cities and abroad with my Frenchie, life led me back to my origins one year ago. I'm happy to be back in Sacramento and rediscover all the cool stuff the area has to offer. But shorlty after moving back I realized how much the area has CHANGED! Almost as much as I have over the years.

So it left me wondering... What is there to do here for families with kiddos? Where and what's to eat in the area?What are some cool spots for a date night or drinks with friends?.....The list goes on. I'm a curious mind with a thirst for new discoveries far and wide. Hence the origin of Sierra Swag, a place that centralizes info for you and ideas for new adventures!

Hit me up if you have ideas, suggestions, questions! Creating a community of like minded foodies, busy body, adventure seekers... new or OG's from the area.

Alicia Alejo